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The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love 1) - J.S. Cooper

I absolutely loved this book and read it in a day. Its not very often i get to read a book in a day. I have been wanting to read this for a few day now and decided today was the day. 


And i read it in one sitting. 

This is a cute love story. Yeah it could be a little clichéd, with the bad boy who doesn't want a relationship, doesn't want love, the girl who would never fall for a bad boy falls for him, then thinks she can change him,but so what? who cares? I enjoyed it and what's not to love. 

At points i did wonder what Zane's deal was with Braydon, i honestly thought he was just jealous and thought if he wasn't happy then no one else could be either. I really enjoyed getting to see Zane's caring side, the side hardly anyone gets to see and no one know. That was until he meet Lucky, she is a happy-go-lucky girl, working hard to put herself though school. Zane offers her a opportunity that she finds hard to resist, or is it Zane she can't resist? 

I am looking forward to reading The Last Husband