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A Patriotic Whore (The Cathouse Series Book 1) - Matthew Kadish

I was asked to read this by the author in return for an honest review. 

Amazon blurb about the book. 
Blaire Reese is a party girl. She likes booze, boys, and sex, and has no idea what she wants to do with her life... until she's approached by the CIA to join an elite squad of undercover agents trained in the art of Seduction and Sexual Manipulation.

Now, she's in a world where sex is used as a tool, and people are looked at as nothing more than puppets. Project Cathouse was designed from the ground up by the CIA to teach girls like Blaire how to use their sexuality to enslave the emotions of any person they desire, and then use that person for their own agendas.

Blaire is on-board with her training until she falls in love with Drummond Scott, the top male trainee at the Cathouse. But how can she convince a man trained as the ultimate Seducer that her love is not only genuine, but that he should love her back?

When emotions are liabilities and sex is a weapon, how can Blaire protect herself from being hurt? What is left for her to trust? When you're patriotic enough to become a whore, is it still possible to ever believe in love?


Let me start with this, yes i enjoyed the book. But..... i did not like the text speech, maybe its due to where Blaire, who i love, was born & brought up. (I am for UK) I know there is a lot of different dialects here in the UK, so there is bound to be more within the USA. Still is it right to have OMG, IKR, WTF & srsly in a book? for me no but i did get use to seeing it.

Lets get down to what i did like, 

Blaire, i love her, she is realistic, believable, funny, witty...yeah serious girl crush!! Blaire in her own words is a whore, a slut, but no she's not she just enjoys sex & she's good at it!!
Blaire seduces a professor at college as she is flunking all her classes, not because she's dumb no she just doesn't find any of her classes interesting & hasn't found her major, plus being the party girl she is, mornings are not her best friend. 

This professor is impressed (is that the right word to use?) with Blaire's skills, they was she was able to seduce him, he contacted Mark who in turn recruits her for an undercover operation by the CIA called DIVA. The employ men & women to seduce the enemy, get up close & personal, gain their trust. 

Once recruited they DIVA's 30 of them, both men & women go to Los Angeles, living in a security concious house, Cathouse. There they learn who to be, as Blaire puts it, hooker spies. There is more to this than just fucking. Blaire meets a girl called Rae, she seems my kind of girl, fun down to earth, laugh a minute, one, who along with Blaire would bring the party to you. Amongst the men there is one who has caught Blaire's eye, he caught her eye before they got to LA. He knocked on her door wanting candy. Was it all planned right from the off?.

The DIVA's get mentors to teach them how to get there mark to fall in love with them, in order for the mark to trust they have to believe they are in a relationship. Now Blaire's mentor i do not like, Mr Lucky, he is an arrogant prick, maybe he's meant to be. He just doesn't treat Blaire they way i thought he would, to me he is sneaky. Is it me or is Mr Lucky just so damn boring? he is very preachy too, They way he is described doesn't make him very appealing. Its then i realised that is what he is teaching her, that not everyone can or is attractive to everyone as the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" if we all liked the same the world would be one boring place. Once Blaire has learnt what she was meant to learn he starts teaching her other things & they start having sex. 

I did have an issue with Mr Lucky, they way he explains things is quiet boring, (i can imagine my old teacher standing there witting on & on & i've no clue what he is talking about) maybe if it was broken down into smaller chucks.

The DIVA project has a two year training program first. First year is getting fitter, learning languages. The second year is learning about sex, the use of sex toys, watersports, same sex sex. 

Now let me tell you about the biggest bitch of bitches. Sabrina, i hate her. She maybe beautiful, maybe able to get a man on his knees but she has a black heart. She walks around the place like she owns it. Blaire & Sabrina have their own "war" they challenge each other repeatedly. Blaire hated her as Sabrina always gets paired with Drummond. I knew there would be at least one character i didn't like, there has to be one you don't like. Sabrina is so far up her own ass she see's everyone as an enemy.

How do i feel now i've finished the book? I FEEL ROBBED!!! ROBBED!! The ending is ridiculous. To me the DIVA's all work for the same side, so why would one steal something from one of the others? when that DIVA gad worked so hard to achieve? seriously? would they really take each other out? Yes i am left with too many unanswered questions. 

Overall i enjoyed the book, yes i have a few points that bug me but overall its not a bad read, 
would i read others if it was a series? 
Yes mi would do. I would love to find out more about Rae & Blaire, possibly the rest of the DIVA's too. 

would i recommend this book?
Yes i would, there is a lot of erotica novels around, in the wake of 50 shades, bared to you, which i am not saying is a bad thing, if there's a gap in the market someone's going to plug it!! (no pun intended!!)

this is not like those, this is a very different novel. Yes it has sex scenes, it also has a story line. Maybe to some its not the strongest of plots but it kept me reading.